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Sweet Josie's Candy Store

Welcome to Sweet Josie's!


All of our fudge is homemade, with lots of love!

We've been making our fudge for three generations just like grandma taught us. Grandma Josie, or Sweet Josie as we like to call her, founded the business over twenty years ago, and then passed it on to our mother Sweet Peggy, who customers often mistake for Josie. On Peggy's 80th birthday she passed the store on to us. We look forward to continuing the family tradition and making great homemade fudge and candy while providing the sweetest customer service possible. Just like grandma taught us!

All photography provided by K. Perez


Are you in love with fudge like us? 


Taffy time. 

Our taffy is made locally and we stock 32 soft & delicious flavors.


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Treat yourself!

7 Railroad Avenue York Beach, Maine 03910 


Store Hours

Mon - Sun: 11am to 4pm